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Wax Progressive: Equilibria Vol. 2

by Soulganic

Say cool kids Consumers and connoisseurs of cosmic far-out music How does this groove do for your ear drums? When the digital bang becomes too crisp to sip When you need some of that analogue thick Where do you go to get your fix? That warm, heavy bass dropping anchors And chords in your soul Make you want to reach back for that eight-track Miss the feel of the reel to reel The heat of plastic casette tape ejected from the deck That crackle in the vinyl Like a fingerprint It's distinctive Like when the night wind learned to whisper tunes Into the grooves of your grandfather's old dusty records When you had to use those two buttons and two fingers To get your tape to record The radio jam spilling it's hot samples From that volcano of a boom box It's like the wind Like the music never knew how to stop Like it was waxing poetic Seeking to touch the slim of the tape To the wide of the magnetic So you can listen to us now Clear Effective So now we wax progressive Rewinding our downloads to the streams So they seem to have a message when we play them back So they fall back into the crate Into the case Into the sleeve Into our soul Where they live Because we We here to push that vintage sound forward Right here we We wax progressive (Hear our rhythm in our soul that's the way we live Hear the language that we speak call it wax progressive)
When the evening’s darkest She arrives and softly whispers Through the night Can't fight Her light It radiates and gently soothes It brings up memories and moves Me right Can’t fight Her light And when she sings It grabs hold of me Sustains the high Sustains the high And when she’s gone All the yearning Bleeds into life Bleeds into life I keep running (& running) To escape her icy touch that gripped me In my darker times When I’d do anything To touch the sky I keep running (& running) Bare my soul and leap in faith My clarity came through my fall Her hold on me is gone When you open up the doors everything is yours A long road full of pain for a little joy It's like you brought a baby forth that you couldn't abort Just to watch it walk away the moment that you cut the cord But was it more than an illusion? Losing or improving is it suffering or soothing? Now you're in confusion, trying to stay intact So you put it on a track, bouncing back from the poison of your choosing Running To escape her icy touch that gripped me In my darker times When I’d do anything To touch the sky I keep running (& running) Bare my soul and leap in faith My clarity came through my fall Her hold on me is gone I swear it's never been a rhythm that I couldn't ride a melody I can't design A memory from harder times that I can't refine A flaw that wasn't mine a tragedy I couldn't rhyme Beauty in the deepest struggle that I couldn't find So I'm reminded of the vision You never separate what you create from how you're living My life is my exhibit, for life I've been committed So for life I'm gonna love it, 'cause long as I remember why I did it I'm recovered
Used to look forward To seeing your face Now I’m coming home Wishing to escape All the time lying And pleading your case I can see right through you, mama And there’s no mistaking keep on talking, keep on talking I’ll be walking while you’re running your mouth look in the mirror cuz you ain’t no paradise keep on talking, keep on talking I’ll be walking while you’re running your mouth you keep saying it’s me but you ain’t no paradise Was on the same team Ready to ride or die Thought I didn’t know About your hustle on the side Now it’s time to pay the piper Your bill is on the way There’s no more excuses, mama Nothing left to say
Lady there’s no rush The story of our love is drifting far beyond our fears With every single touch The beauty of our memories makes our future crystal clear Cuz in this life All we have is just time Your hand in mine girl We’re just drifting on And in this life With our souls entwined I just want to spend a million days With you You draw me like the moon Gently pull me closer as you comfort and you soothe And the streets may scar the soil And men’s power may rise and fall And we may grow tired and old But we have now that we can hold on to
Eighteen years ago the choice was made To take the path of least resistance they All said that we wouldn't last And we didn't last The open wounds from the words we said Drove me to pastures greener and she led Me to close the door on my past And look to my future But how can I give you my all When I was lost for so long? How can I give you my all When before it was wrong? I've struggled for so long to find A real lover and some peace of mind And with you here My life could never be sweeter But still I doubt that what we have is real Please be patient mama, I just need time to heal I know you're the answer But I can't stop questioning I really want to trust in you Though I know we've got some ways to go But I'm going to try So we can walk hand in hand and sing together
I Will Stay 05:10
I played it over again in my mind The things you said Things I said Thinking he and I are of the same kind The things he said Things he did The scars he left in you The ways I have to prove For you To see Me differently and when your mind gets to burning and you think my heart is turning Though all you’ve known is hurting Look beyond the pain I will stay I know you’re looking for blame to find I’m not the one who Chose to leave you and when your mind gets to burning and you think my heart is turning though all you’ve known is hurting look beyond the pain I will stay He was the one who wasn’t there for you When you needed one to look up to To show you the things a man should do And girl I try with you Cuz this weight’s on you and Though I can’t undo him leaving you I’ll be the one to see you through
Try as I might Can’t wash you off my skin The sweat of lovers scorned Digs its heels in I bury my hopes Against all that seems right You're reaching your limbs Stretching for the light And it’s a long way home A weary road to toe And whatever seeds we’ve sown I pray they grow By the time the morning comes Try as I may Can’t wash you from my lips The words of heroes mourned For those who can’t come to grips With how you lock the world away Listening for a new diatribe You settle in and watch the play At home once they kill the lights
Hands up Can’t breathe Don’t shoot Me Uptight citizens Say it’s justified We stay marching on to turn the tides And if we apologize Will it stop the fight? You say we're the fools We say look at the proof Full of fire with no fruits While you hunt the moon This is no new truth It’s reality defined Need you to hear us crying And it’s a bitter pill To take It’s conquest’s law Has the world scrolling by Controlled by fear and Chasing likes And if you apologize Will it stop the fight We say you're the fools For judging us like you do But the best you can do Is just hunt the moon It’s every man for himself And the Devil for them all With every man ready to die For the illusion of liberty (Tragic actions Bold reactions Causing our Dissatisfaction Mental spinnng Lives depending All around us World is ending)
Time (Again) 03:53
Upon the rise of morning Exhalations of my yesterday Evaporate into the worries of Everything that's here today And though I promised myself To look for the silver linings They grey of all the what-ifs Threaten all my happiness But I'm with you And time is with us And I won't let go Upon the mist of memories I see glimpses of your favorite things Although I can't be there to show you I can feel you know it That if I could I would Be there to watch you sleep so peacefully Until the time when you awake To find you next to me But I'm with you And time is with us And I won't let go I count the minutes until I hear your voice over my telephone Always hoping, always waiting For that sound of your smile I count the days until I see Your body next to mine Knowing then we'll no longer Be slaves to time But I'm with you And time is with us And I won't let go We'll be together Once again It's what time has told
Belief 04:44
Bathe in dirty water Trying to make us clean And I heard you say The heart’s a fickle thing It’s an odd museum A place of reckoning It’s the changing same And the emptiness it brings if we share this air that we breathe then it builds our belief that maybe there’s a place we can be one while we share this air that we breathe there is something I see a thread we can weave that this moment’s all we need if we believe Come from miles away Just to share our pain Can we pour out our feelings Without placing blame? I’ll try to move past this moment I pray you do the same I’ll lead the way through our darkness Before the light we share fades away
City Streets 03:23
Longing for company Just me and my memories Of what I used to be Reality’s blinding Just need a hit at daybreak And from my alleyway My soul is drawn to these streets Though home is far away Misunderstanding by you Is now on full display Keep reaching for you but you’re pulling away So I say These city streets is cold When you’re all alone But these streets they are My home Dirty down to the soul Ashamed of my reflection Surviving on things left behind By you, more fortunate than i Willing to work for the day Holding my demons at bay Though I’ve been out here for years I’d gladly trade it away But every time that I try Don’t hear a word that I say Keep reaching for you but you’re pulling away So I stay These city streets is cold When you’re all alone But these streets they are My home Seeking any victory Against this affliction Fight as hard as I can Til the blood seeps from my hands Just trying to survive Though the truth you deny But myself I won’t hide Stuck living a lie I would love the monotony Of providing for a family Won’t be bathing in glory But at least be eating Make it day by day And keep my dignity Finally, freely, Leave these City streets (These city streets is cold)
Isn’t that what they promised? That that things would get better And despite all our striving We can’t outrun the weather Their ugly ain’t changing They just masquerading We need a different breed To live out the changes If it was up to me Love would be bigger than the world we could all just be free Everything is glamoured like a Disney magic king No hating have the whole support system that's the key Who we dealing with, a different breed? Let's grab the armor like some soldiers, planting seed Everyone is blinded my the lotto, never satisfied Do you think we'll ever get the motto? Another world I still believe that we can be better Another world I choose to dream, I choose to dream Another world I choose to dream that we can be better Another world I still believe, I still believe We are what they’re fearing Hand in hand we keep climbing Drinking hope swallowing lies If there’s a reason for trying Though outside is storming There will be no warning We are the different breed To bring on the changes Arms are heavy, so much stress I can't even lift 'em Feel we're cheated by the system Kids dying on the daily, that's an effect Mental health is on the verge of being deadly Will we ever come together like a medley? Everyone is equal make it family Let's make it family
Savannah 03:09
Smiling in the golden light Savannah was warm Thought our time was worth the fight But our summer’s gone Turns out the mistake was on me Confused my lust for you loving me I say I need to go but you plead I love you, I need you, I but it’s going to take more than just saying I love you, I need you I need the cold to thaw sweet savannah Crying in the dark of night Savannah was gone I need more than fleeting passion’s light For winter’s thaw Turns out the mistake was on me Confused my trust for you using me I tried going through all the motions I tried giving my all to you I tried tried playing the savior But it wasn’t enough for you Sweet savannah I’ll remember you


The culmination of Funky Indie Soul.

"Wax Progressive: Equilibria Vol. 2" is the result of an ongoing musical conversation expressed through ideas rooted in nearly every branch of African-American and Afro-Caribbean music: from soul to rock to jazz to funk to Latin to blues and beyond.


released September 3, 2021

Written, composed, arranged, performed, engineered, recorded + mixed by Soulganic, with a little help from their friends.


Cory McClure (drums, keys, synths, percussion, bass)

Ryan McKeithan (guitars, vocals)

Anthony Rodriguez (lead vocals, bass, percussion, synths, loops, samples & sound design)


Lucas Torres (congas, bongos, batá drums, pleneras, guiro, clave, tambourine, shakers, maracas)


MASTERED BY: Jorge Espinoza, Tropic Culture Studio, Charlotte, NC, USA


all rights reserved



Soulganic Charlotte

Funky Indie Soul.

Est. 2005

Representing Charlotte, NC, USA.

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